A Buying Guide for Best Gun Safe with Fingerprint Lock In 2024

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Did you know that biometric safes offer unmatched, tech-protection? Do you also know that there are affordable options that can be beneficial to you and your loved ones?

Table of Best Gun Safes with Fingerprint Lock

Name of Gun SafeSafe MaterialWeight Fingerprint CapacityBuy on Amazon
Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000Steel8lbs120
Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun SafeSteel10lbs10Check Current Price
Barska BX-200 Top Opening Biometric SafeSteel12lbs30
SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun SafeSteel11.9lbs4
LockSafe Biometric Pistol SafeSteel22lbs10Check Current Price

From traditional lock and keys safes, people have now taken their gun security a notch higher with biometric vaults. If you are looking for a gun safe that has modern options like an electronic lockup system and lightning quick access, then this is the product you need.

With a biometric unit, you will be able to reach your gun in a matter of seconds. The bulk of biometric safes are also quite smaller than average. This adds to its portability and versatility. Nearly all biometric safes can easily fit under most car seats.

Below are some of the most effective biometric gun safes available nowadays.

Best Gun Safes with Fingerprint Lock

Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000– Allows 120 prints, makes it ideal for access to many people

This safe is made of heavy steel and it can allow up to 120 different fingerprints loaded into its system. Its unique mark scanner is a hallmark feature of this product.


  • Fingerprint scan capacity of 120
  • Steel thickness: 18 Gauge
  • Exterior dimensions 3½” x 10¼” x 12″
  • Interior: 2½” x 8¼” x 11½”

Gunvault MicroVault XL is a large fingerprint capacity safe. With it, everyone in your home can be granted access to the gun once loaded into the system. This proves especially useful if an intruder enters the home.

Within the safe, it is lined with protective foam all round that keeps your guns safe in the event that they happen to slide against each other. To add, Gunvault MicroVault has pockets inside where you can stow away important documents. It is still small enough to fit snuggly under the seat of a truck or inside the storage compartment of a vehicle.


  • Easy to open and does not have a code which your kids can try to gain access to the safe
  • Several handguns can be fitted in together with extra ammunition
  • Loved ones can access safe for protection in case of an emergency
  • Five-year selective guarantee is offered


  • Does not have a handle for convenient carrying or moving around
  • Fingerprint scanner is sometimes not sensitive to your print even if loaded properly


Gunvault MVB1000 is an outstanding product with a unique mark scanner that is critiqued and loved in different measures. One might have fingerprint recognition issues which can prove costly in case of an emergency. Its large fingerprint capacity coupled with its small size nonetheless makes this product good. If you are looking for such features then this could be the ideal gun safe for you.

GunVault GVB1000 Mini Vault Biometric Gun Safe– Ideal because of its alerting system and LED light

Gunvault Mini Vault Gun Safe

Check Current Price

This gun safe is an advanced product that alerts you when your battery is low and needs a change. This makes it unique and even the more useful.


  • Alerting system when battery is drained
  • Exterior dimensions 4.8″h x 8.1″w x 12″d
  • Interior dimensions 3″h x 7″w x 10″d
  • Weight 10lbs

Biometric gun safes are controlled by a battery system. However, most models have no way of letting you know when the battery is drained and needs a change. This makes GVB1000 stand out because it blares when low and has a LED light that will inform you the same.

GVB1000 also has an A/C connector. It is suggested you control the safe with the A/C connector when an outlet is accessible for longer lasting batteries.

In terms of protection for your gun, it is fixed with a layer of froth to shield your handgun from being damaged when being moved from one place to another. GVB1000 allows up to 10 fingerprints to be uploaded into the system so your family members can access it easily.


  • Five year warranty
  • Allows access to ten fingerprints
  • Equipped with a small LED light inside for easy access in the dark


  • Lifetime of the batteries is quite low. Extra batteries should be considered
  • If the safe loses electrical connection, the system needs to be re-programmed
  • Can have fingerprint recognition issues that can lead to a few seconds delay


This unit has been tried and tested by several parties including the California Department of Justice which affirms it. If by chance you need a speedy and solid safe, the GVB 1000 is the right handgun safe for you.

Gunvault Mini Vault Gun Safe
  • Dimensions: 8.1 Inch by 4.9 Inch by 12 Inch; weighs 9 pounds
  • Operates on 1-9 volt battery
  • More than 12 million user-selectable access codes
  • Foam-lined interior for protection

Barska BX-200 Top Opening Biometric Safe– Allows up to 30 prints making it ideal for use by many people

This gun safe is opened using your unique fingerprint loaded into the system which allows up to thirty prints. Made of 16 Gauge heavy steel, it is highly secure and mechanized.


  • Exterior dimensions 8” x 12” x 8”
  • Interior dimensions  7.5” x 11.5” x 5.75”
  • Weight 12lbs
  • Comes with hardware to fix the safe into a solid surface to make it a permanent fixture

BX-200 is controlled by four AA batteries that can be easily replaced by opening the safe with one of the emergency standby keys. Be sure to always keep the batteries charged in case of an emergency.

It is a good quality product that has pre-penetrated gaps which make it simple to mount utilizing the mounting equipment given. Its large capacity to accommodate many people is also a notable feature and it is important to program the prints at different angels for better scanning

The vault comes with a one-year restricted guarantee.


  • Easy to program everybody in your home as it allows up to thirty fingerprints in the system
  • Does not have a silent mode feature installed and it will be activated if you hold the button for 10 seconds
  • Batter is long lasting as its charge is only used when the finger print scanner is activated
  • Has a beep sound when the door to the safe is left open


  • An alarm sounds if the safe door is left open for more than thirty seconds and therefore the alarm will not be triggered if you have an emergency
  • Door takes a few seconds for the lock to close

This is one of the smallest gun safes you can purchase from Barska for dependability and ease of use. It is highly secured and you can rely upon it to keep your guns bolted away from unwanted people (including your kids).

Sentry Safe QAP1BE Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe- Small enough to allow easy storage

SentrySafe is a small vault that is still sufficiently large to hold a full-size self-loader handgun. Unlike most biometric safes, it also has a digital backup keypad in case the fingerprint scanner fails. This makes it highly dependable.


  • Interior Dimensions: 2.2″H x 9.7″W x 6.6″L
  • Exterior Dimensions: 3.2″H x 12.0″W x 9.9″L
  • Weight 12lbs
  • Foam lined interior for protection from external damage

SentrySafe is made of solid steel and has a cover that is intended to shield it from prying hands. You can even access the safe with one hand easily making it even safer.

Its murmur calm equipment ensures you can open the safe without being heard, in case there is an intruder. To add to all this, the safe has a one-year restricted guarantee. It is well rated in weapon safe audits lists. Its scanner reads fingerprints in just a few seconds ranking it among the fastest with this technology.


  • The vault can program a maximum of 4 fingerprints and is also equipped with keypad that can generate a code for opening
  • Can be safely reset if opened accidentally
  • Safe has a backup key in case the batteries go dead on you


  • The more prints you have programmed into the system the longer it takes to read your fingerprint
  • Does not come with an A/C adaptor so you always need backup batteries
  • Lifespan of the batteries is short since it has to power a keypad and fingerprint scanner

While SentrySafe has some downsides like it does not come with a locking cable or an A/C adaptor, it is still a formidable product in the market. Its digital keypad, for instance, sets it apart from the rest in terms of quality delivered.

LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe- High powered and secure

LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe

Check Current Price

LockSafe is a pistol safe that is fitted with a unique fingerprint scanner powered by a 9-volt battery. It allows you to program up to ten prints.


  • Exterior measures 16.5″ x 14.5″ x 7.75″
  • Interior measures 16.25″ x 12″ x 7″
  • Memory for up to 10 finger prints
  • Weight 22lbs

LockSafe is a good quality product because of many unique features. First, in the event that the battery goes dead, you can open the safe with one of the two reinforcement keys that are included. There are also four pre-drilled gaps in the safe so for you to mount it rapidly to any hard surface.

As to its durability, it is protected with foam to keep your guns safe from damage whilst moving the safe. It also has a 30-day client guarantee and a one-year restricted warranty.

  • Easy to use and opens quickly
  • Can program up to 10 finger prints
  • Finger print scanner is sensitive and you will need is to program your finger at different angles
  • One can access the safe with a key in case of a power blackout


  • Makes a thumping sound when the door is opened
  • A few users have had issues with the fingerprint scanner
  • Safe beeps when scanning for your fingerprints and there in no way to turn the beeping sound off

LockSafe is a good buy but after a couple of long stretches of utilization, you should check if your fingerprints can access the safe. It will be easier to access if you re-program your unique mark as regularly as could be expected under the circumstances.

LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe
  • Manufactured with 9 gauge/3mm steel with a weight of 22lbs
  • 4 pre-drilled mounting holes; includes (1) 9V battery and (2) Mechanical keys
  • Non-volatile memory for up to 10 fingerprints
  • Foam padding

Reviewing the Best Gun Safes with Biometric Features

What important factors should you consider before buying a gun safe with a fingerprint scanner?


Undoubtedly, the size of the Gun vault safe is a critical issue. First, you have to be certain that the safe can fit the area you reserved for it in your home. It is necessary to ensure that the measurements are finished properly. Make time to check the exact dimensions of your desired safe before shopping for one. The peak, width, and depth ought to be checked properly so that the safe can perfectly fit the place set a side.

Space/Number of guns you own
Before you buy a safe, you ought to consider the amount of space that will available for you. If you have many guns and you want a safe with biometric features, it is important you look into that. Most of the products listed here safely hold a few handguns.

A good fit gun vault can last you a long time and hub your primary firearms. You just need to make sure the space available is enough for you so that you do not need to invest into another safe so soon.

Gun vault manufacturers have their own focused areas. Some are heavy to lower the chances of being recklessly moved or even be broken into. Others are lightweight for portability and versatility. If you are looking for a gun safe that you can easily put under your car seat, a small one is apt. If you are keen on having it as a permanent fixture, a heavy one is advisable.

Fingerprint Capacity

Some gun safes like MVB1000 can load up to 120 prints while SentrySafe only allows 4 prints to be loaded into its system. If you are keen on having your gun accessible to your family along with many other people, a gun safe that accommodates this ought to be considered.


If you want a safe that is secure and that is easy to access simply with your fingerprint, a biometric vault is ideal. The rather costly prices have nothing on the unmatched ease and protection you get with these products.

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