Best Fireproof Safe-Buying Guide

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Storing all of your valuables in a standard cabinet under lock and key might hinder thieves from getting to them, however the cabinet and its lock and key will not safeguard them from the damage wrought by a fire. Because of the fire factor, fireproof safes were created.

This is not an ordinary safe because it has that ability to help protect your valuables from fire damage. The best fireproof safe will be able to endure the maximum heat from a fire and help protect your documents, jewelry, pictures, and even firearms.

Table of Best Fireproof Safe

ImageProductOur ScorePrice
SentrySafe Waterproof and Fireproof Gun Metal Gray Alloy Steel Safe Box for Home, Office with...SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe
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Honeywell Safes & Door Locks LHLP1103G 30 Minute Fire Safe Waterproof Safe Box Chest with Carry...Honeywell 1103 Fire/Water Safe Chest

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First Alert 2011F Fire Chest, 0.17 Cubic FeetFirst Alert 2011F Fire Chest

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BUYaSafe WES2113-DF Fire Resistant Electronic Wall SafeProtex Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe

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Home Safe- AMBS-360T- Electronic Keypad- 2 Hr. Fire ProofSteelwater AMSWEL-360 Fireproof Home and Document Safe

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Fireproof safes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The small ones are recommended for home use, while bigger models are ideal for business and office usage.

These safes are composed of durable, hardy, thick steel, and are made fire-resistant with a lining of insulating material. A fireproof safe’s heat-resistance levels will depend on the layers of insulation a safe was provided with.

The UL or Underwriters Laboratories is an autonomous, third party organization which provides the required standards for rating fireproof safes based on the product’s fire resistance capabilities.

If you want to protect paper documents, you need a safe that has a UL rating of 350 since paper material burns at 400 degrees F. Fireproof file cabinets can be had in a variety of shapes from vertical ones, side tab, end tab or lateral models. Users can choose a suitable model based on the size of the paper documents they want to keep in it.

The safes made today feature an unyielding and sleek form that makes mounting the fixture differ in ways. Some models need to be installed beneath the floor or up the wall in order to hide them.

Safes located beneath the floor are significantly more secure, and installation requires a consultation with an engineer to determine the floor’s strength so it can fully support the safe. The security of a wall safe, meanwhile, will be based on the wall it is fixed upon.

Guide on Choosing Fireproof Safes

Now that you have decided that you require a fireproof safe at home or for your office, it’s time to invest some effort looking for one. Where do you start though? As stated earlier, there are different types of fireproof safes being sold on the market right now.

First you have to make a list of the valuables you plan on keeping in the safe and determine how damage-prone they are to heat and flames. Based on these factors, you can ultimately select the kind of safe you need, as well as its size.

Do you want to store electronic media files or paper documents? Do you want to store jewelry, souvenirs, heirloom pieces or photos? Do you want to store firearms in the safe? How many items do you want to be stored?

What size items are they? Answering those questions will also help you find the right kind of fireproof safe you need.

As explained earlier, the majority of fireproof safes come with a UL rating for a particular period of time. Just because a safe is advertised as fireproof it does not exactly mean that it is fully rock-solid and undamageable.

If you are on the hunt for the best fireproof safe you have to make sure to check a specific model’s UL grade since it will give you more information regarding the particular rating that model safe has warranted.

Fireproof Safe UL Grades

Here is a list of UL ratings that you need to be familiar with when choosing a fireproof safe.

  • UL Class 350 (1/2 HR)

This grade means items kept in the safe will be able to endure heat up to a half hour with an external temperature of 1550 degrees.

  • UL Class 350 (1 HR)

This means items can endure heat for up to an hour with an external temperature of 17—degrees. It can also tolerate impacts caused by a 30-ft drop.

  • UL Class 350 (2 HR)

This means the items stored in the safe can endure heat for up to 2 hours with external temps of 1850 degrees.

  • UL Class 350 (2 HR+)

This usually means the items contained in the safe will be protected for more than 2 hours with external temperatures of 1850 degrees. It can also tolerate a 30-ft fall.

Those are the UL ratings you have to watch out for when selecting fireproof safes. As soon as you are finished determining the amount of protection you require, you should look for a reputable manufacturer. Great companies offer a wide range of fireproof safes for commercial and home use.

Lots of fireproof safes also include a selection of locking mechanisms from combination locks to electronic ones which can be unlocked by means of an electronic PIN. There are also models these days that feature biometric pins.

Investing in such a unit might seem costly, particularly when you are comparing products. But the majority of these units will offer you plenty of advantages and peace of mind in the long haul.

When you know that your valuables are locked safely in a durable, secure unit, you will feel more at ease as you leave the house each day. It is always nice to know that your valuables are further safeguarded from fire, theft, and smoke.

Installing a Fireproof Safe

As people, we are often anxious about important items that we own since these valuables possess a great amount of monetary or sentimental worth. As we leave the house each day, we worry that unexpected instances like a fire or a burglary might come about in our area and damage those valuables.

The key to safeguarding your valuables comes in the form of a fireproof safe installation in your home. The best fireproof safe will offer you the assurance of safeguarding your valuable belongings against problematic events like theft and fire.

The following procedure describes the steps you need to do when mounting a safe. Make sure that you read the steps carefully, in order, to get them right and don’t make errors during the process.

1.  Ensure that you read the instructions supplied in the manufacturer’s manual prior to dealing with the safe. If you want faster results, you can hire the services of a professional, who can offer you the guidance and help you need during the installation procedure.

2.  Set up the devices and tools you need for drilling holes inthe wall. Important items like a scale, saw, drilling tools, pencil, and hammer,among other things, are required in order to make the procedure go smoothly.

3.  Practice caution so that you will not damage your home’s walls by marking the holes incorrectly. To ensure that you have gotten those parts right, you can enlist the help of a professional builder or carpenter. To make things simpler for you, you can make use of a drilling machine to create correct size holes.

4.  If you do not have a drilling machine on hand, you can make use of a saw or special cutters to make the holes you need. However, if you are trying to work on a brick wall, you may require additional knowledge on how to bore through all the linings so you can free up the right amount of space needed in order to position the strongbox securely.

Furthermore, if you are mounting the safe in a wall of concrete, you have to use plaster of Paris or other dependable pastes in order to provide the safe a stronger grip as it is positioned on the wall.

5.  Be certain that the safe was mounted correctly so that it is not noticeable to other people inside the room.

Recommended Fireproof Safe

Before purchasing a fireproof safe, it is important that you should know the basics of the item first: how it works, what it’s made up of, and the factors you must check out when looking for the item. Being familiar with the workings of the unit is essential since it will lead you to better buying decisions.

In case you do not know where to start in terms of safe models, here is a list of 5 products that have garnered excellent feedback from customers. Create your own list and decide which among the products are more your speed.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe

SentrySafe Waterproof and Fireproof Gun Metal Gray Alloy Steel Safe Box for Home, Office with...

In case you are worried about where to keep your valuables, investing ina quality fireproof safe is your best bet. The SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe is a sturdy and burglar-proof safe being sold on the market today.

It has a professional, sleek, fuss-free appearance which is UL-classified and guaranteed to last in flames for up to an hour in 1700 degrees F.

Customers can acquire $50,000 in insurance protection for their items as long as the unit was registered in the company’s Fire Protection Guarantee. The product is also ETL-verified and can last in up to 8 inches of water for up to 24 hours.

The mechanical dial lock it was provided with presents quick, secure access to vital documents and items inside the safe, while its dual lock key safeguards the content from unlawful access.


  • Resistant to fire and water damage
  • Backed by 1-year limited warranty
  • Comes with a pry-resistant hinge for extra security


  • Some issues with condensation
  • Heavier weight might put off some potential customers

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SentrySafe Waterproof and Fireproof Gun Metal Gray Alloy Steel Safe Box for Home, Office with...
  • FIREPROOF: The safe is UL Classified to endure 1 hour at 1700°F and keep interior temperatures safe for...
  • WATERPROOF: The home safe is ETL Verified for 24 hours of protection in water up to 8 inches deep offering...
  • MAXIMUM SECURITY: Combination safe features 4 live-locking bolts, steel construction, pry-resistant hinge bar,...
  • FALL RESISTANT: The safe box is ETL verified to withstand a 15-foot fall during a fire and remain closed

Honeywell 1103 Fire/Water Safe Chest

Honeywell Safes & Door Locks LHLP1103G 30 Minute Fire Safe Waterproof Safe Box Chest with Carry...

The Honeywell 1103 Fire/Water Safe Chest has a storage capacity of .27 cubic ft. and it can tolerate temperatures up to 1550 degrees F for 30 minutes. It comes with a waterproof seal and includes 2 side latches which protect against flood, rain, and other moisture-related factors that can damage the safe’s contents.

You will be assured that your valuables will be kept dry and secure always. The unit also comes with a key lock type which provides additional security to the entire ensemble.

This model is designed to accommodate letters and documents that have an A4 size. Homeowners and businesspersons can make use of the safe to store their important paper documents, records, digital media files, money and other valuables.

It comes in black so it can suit your office or home’s interiors. For easier transport, the safe also includes a carry handle.


  • Has durable construction
  • Has impressive waterproofing abilities
  • Can store documents, records and other items with an A4 paper size
  • Has sturdy handle that will not come off easily
  • Comes with well-made lock


  • Cannot be installed
  • More ideal for flood-prone areas

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Honeywell Safes & Door Locks LHLP1103G 30 Minute Fire Safe Waterproof Safe Box Chest with Carry...
  • Molded chests – Fire safe waterproof with carry handle
  • Features - important letter and A4 size documents can both lie flat and be protected from fire and flood with...
  • Quality made – this fire safe box has a 30 minute UL fire protection rating up to 1550°F/843°C
  • Secure - Waterproof: 100 hour waterproof seal is verified to keep contents dry, even when submerged 39-in/1-m...

First Alert 2011F Fire Chest

First Alert 2011F Fire Chest, 0.17 Cubic Feet

Now place an additional layer of protection on your valuables with the help of the fireproof First Alert 2011F Fire Chest. This is a flame-resistant model which comes in an all-black color and sleek design.

It is UL and ETL-certified so it can safeguard your items from flames and extreme temperatures. Due to its ability to withstand 1550 degrees F temperatures for up to half an hour, it is ideal for storing electronic media files.

It comes with a handy carry handle and it also includes a clamp-style latch with a key lock, plus battery backup. The unit is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee.

The company is also known to be active in the communities it guards, and it supports the fire service and other agencies that are focused on preventing fire, promoting safety and carbon monoxide detection.


  • UL-certified protection against 1550 degrees F temperature for up to 30 minutes
  • Great construction
  • Can protect items from fire
  • Ideal for storing digitized copies and electronic storage items
  • Has sufficient weight
  • Helps organize your valuables


  • Nor a waterproof model
  • Comes with mediocre lock and plastic keys

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First Alert 2011F Fire Chest, 0.17 Cubic Feet
  • Fire-resistant safe keeps your valuable documents and electronics secure
  • Withstands external temperatures of up to 1550 degrees F for up to 30 minutes
  • 0.17-cubic foot capacity ideal for storing money, electronic media, and other small items
  • Carrying handle offers easy portability

Protex Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe

BUYaSafe WES2113-DF Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe

One nice choice for protecting your precious belongings at home or the office is the Protex Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe.

It provides fast and handy access, and can be mounted at any height on the wall. It is easy to mount between two wall studs, and it is equipped with a velvet material Fire Liner inside for a luxurious, look and at the same time, to prevent items like jewelry and watches from getting scratches.

The Fire Liner also provides the unit with the fire protection it offers—it gives a half hour of protection from 1200 degrees F temperature. The shelves inside the safe are removable as well.

The keypad is positioned flush with the flange of the safe so you can hang a picture frame over it in order to hide the safe from plain view. The keypad also features a hidden lock to unlock the safe with a mechanical override key.

This key is only usedin case of damaged keypads or dead batteries. The safe is 8 inches deep, so homeowners have to request the help of a handyman for the installation.


  • Door is made from heavy-duty, tough solid steel
  • Easy to install
  • Has digital locking system
  • Includes key lock override system
  • Comes with flush digital keypad
  • Spacious enough to store up to 4 handguns
  • Durable, hardwearing, and crow-bar proof


  • Digital keypad made from cheap plastic material
  • Not made for standard homes with standard walls

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BUYaSafe WES2113-DF Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe
  • Burglary Resistant wall safe with digital electronic locking system.
  • Excellent burglary protection with a heavy duty 3/16" solid steel door and flange.
  • Designed to be installed between 16" o/c wall studs.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 13-5/8"W x 20-3/4"H x 8"D

Steelwater AMSWEL-360 Fireproof Home and Document Safe

Home Safe- AMBS-360T- Electronic Keypad- 2 Hr. Fire Proof

If you are in need of additional levels of protection to defend your valuables and keep them away from the elements and burglars, you can do so with a quality product like the Steelwater AMSWEL-360 Fireproof Home and Document Safe. It is equipped with a digital lock and pre-drilled holes, in case users need it anchored securely.

The model has an excellent UL rating—it can effectively protect all items inside it against temperatures up to 1850 degrees F overa period of 2 hours.

It comes with a solid steel door which locks on all sides by means of rectangular bolts, which makes it practically burglar-proof. You can rest easy with this safe inside your home, safeguarding your most precious belongings.


  • Has excellent UL rating
  • Comes in all-steel construction
  • Has heavyweight that can deter thieves
  • Can be locked on all sides with bolts


  • Not waterproof
  • Needs two or more people to lift unit

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Home Safe- AMBS-360T- Electronic Keypad- 2 Hr. Fire Proof
  • 2-Hour fire rated at 1850°F (1010°C)
  • 2 Active Locking Bolts, 2 Unactive Locking Bolts
  • 1 Removable tray
  • Electronic Keypad with a total of (4) reprogrammable (4-16) digit combinations and Non-Volatile Memory


The fireproof safe is used to safeguard valuables such as money, documents, records, jewelry, souvenirs, and weapons in case of theft or fire. Businesses often make use of fireproof safes in order to protect their most crucial records and documents.

Homeowners, on the other hand, invest in the best fireproof safe to protect smaller investments like jewelry, documents, and other items they deem valuable.

These days there are lots of fireproof safes being sold, and they differ in terms of sizes and UL ratings. When choosing a model, there are important factors one has to remember in order to make an informed decision.

It is vital that you choose the correct kind of fireproof safe you need, based on the valuables you want to protect, otherwise the safe will not work to its full advantage.

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