Different Types of Fireproof Safe Locks

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Locks have been around for well over three thousand years. During that time locks have evolved quite a bit. In the beginning, locks were very basic. All that was required to access one was a key. 

These days however, locks are much more complex. Let’s dive in and talk about the top six different types of fireproof safe locks. 

Types of Fireproof Safe Locks

Key Locks

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Key locks are simple and the least expensive. As long as you have the key you can access your lock at any time. The one issue you may run into is with key management. Where will you keep the key?

It must be in a location that you can easily remember, and one that a burglar wouldn’t easily find. This of course is a lot easier said than done.

Mechanical Combination Locks

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Mechanical combination locks require a key as well as a combination. With this type of lock the key basically stays in the lock at all times. You will need to turn the key and enter the combination to access your belongings. 

When compared to the electronic combination lock, which we will discuss next, you will find that the mechanical lock has fewer combination options. Even still, this type of lock has a very low risk associated with it. 

Electronic Combination Locks

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With an electronic combination lock there is no key. It is all electronic and will require nothing more than the code to access it. Since this is an electronic lock there is an almost unlimited number of combinations that can be used. 

While there is no key needed to access this type of lock, some do come with an emergency key just in case you forget the code. 

Biometric Locks

By definition, a biometric lock is one that you gain access to based on a unique body trait. Generally speaking this will either be your retina or your fingerprint. The most convenient option will of course be your fingerprint. 

It’s quick and easy to place your thumb or index finger on a pad to be scanned. You will also have no problem keeping up with your fingerprint as it’s a part of your body. This makes it a very secure and practical option. 

Time Locks

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Time locks are most commonly used in bank vaults and other high security areas. They are designed so that the safe or vault is unable to be opened until it reaches a preset time. 

Even if the correct combination is put in, the lock will still not open until the preset time is reached. 

There are usually three time locks on the door of the safe or vault. The first one to reach zero will give you access to the secured area. The other two are for backup purposes only. 

Time Delay Combination Lock

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According to Wikipedia, a time delay combination lock is a digital, electronic combination lock equipped with a delay timer that delays the unlocking of the lock by a user-definable delay period. Generally speaking the delay period is less than an hour. This are mostly used to prevent robbery in financial institutions.

These types of locks are usually found in businesses that handle a lot of financial transactions. 

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