Can Gun Safes Be Stored in The Garage?

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Can Gun Safes be Stored in The Garage

There are a number of things that you have to consider as you brainstorm on the best place to store your gun safe. First, the place should not be associated with fire, and this includes the garages, as they store flammable liquids.

Also avoid areas with high humidity; the climate of the area that you live in is a determinant of where you can place the gun safe. Areas that experience heavy rains, storms and are build on a slope are prone to flooding, so in this case, the garage doesn’t qualify.

Besides, the Garage when open exposes everything that it contains thus a good target for thieves. Other rooms such as the living room, the kitchen and on the first floor should not be used as Gun safe storages, because they are a burglar’s first target.

Where should you store your gun safe?

For as much as you will want to hide your gun safe, remember that it needs to be accessible in case of an emergency.

But then again there are the small kids in the house that should not be able to access the guns, other members of the family who don’t know how to handle guns should not be allowed access to the gun safe.

The room that you, therefore, decide to store your gun safe should also not work against the containment in terms of fire and humidity and should not be easily accessible by burglars, and visitors.

Best places to put your gun safe in the house

  • The bedroom

One of the best places to store your gun safe is in the bedroom, one because you will be able to get a variety of options on where to disguise it.

Secondly, your home visitors rarely access your bedroom, so they will not have knowledge of it, or try to use them for fun or practice.

Now depending on the size of the safe, you could place it inside the closet and hide it with clothes, alternatively, your bedside is a perfect place because you can easily reach for it in case of attack.

  • The basement

People who own the big gun safes can store them in the basement, first because of their size and second because most of the guns stored in such safes are used for recreation.

Also, visitors will rarely enter your basement as compared to the living room, garage, and kitchen. Besides the rooms upstairs could be damaged if you try to bolt down the safe.

But for the basement, the floor has been made to withstand the weight of the safe, and guess what bolting them down will not threaten to tumble the whole floor making it totally safe.

The basements as it turns out are not all that accommodative because it suffers from low air circulation thus the humidity levels are high, to counter the problem however, you could adopt a humidifier.

But if you are in an area that is prone to flooding then you will have to find an alternative as your gun safe will most definitely be destroyed.

The office

An office in the home rarely has traffic and is always locked when no one is using it; this, therefore, makes it a good storage area away from the household guests and the kids.

Guns in the office are normally for personal safety; therefore, as you try to figure out where to place it keep in mind that it has to be within your hands reach in case of attack.

Some of the easy to reach places are under your office desk; remember you cannot place a big safe in the office as it needs to be disguised.

You can also build a false bottom door for your office desk and behind it put the safe, conveniently so that you can reach it without much hustle or without attracting too much attention.

Factors to Consider before buying a gun safe

  • Size and Purpose of the Gun

Guns come in different sizes and so do the safes, for those who own handguns they could simply go for the small-sized safes, and that is if you don’t have any plans of acquiring more guns.

Hunters who own different types and sizes of guns need a big safe, the ones that should be placed in the basement. And if you have a handgun for protection you might consider getting another small safe to be installed in the bedroom or office.

Hunter’s guns tend to come with various accessories that require accommodation thus the need for a bigger safe. Besides, if you are planning to add more guns to your already existing cache, then you better get a big safe or spend more on a convenient one.

  • Steel Thickness

A gun safe made of thick steel will prevent burglars from stealing your guns and fire from destroying your cache. The gun safes, therefore, come incorporated with plates that prevent burglars from drilling right through it.

What’s more, is that gun safes that come with a small gauge normally have thicker steel, thus the thicker the steel the safer the gun.

  • Weight of the guns safe storage

Heavy guns safe storage offers maximum protection because they are not easy to tow strap and yank. The big heavy types of safe are normally anchored on the floor with screws thus it becomes hard for the robbers to steal your cache.

One downside with the heavy safe is that the first or second floors may not be able to support them, a fact that should be considered when you decide to purchase the heaviest safe in the market.

  • The lock system

A gun safe lock system comes in different designs most traditional ones feature the dial, which requires the right combination to open. So with the wrong combination, your safe will not be accessible.

The biometric type of lock is easy to access and unless you are in the building, burglars won’t be able to access it.

The above-discussed types of secure lock for your gun safe storage use batteries, so it would be best if you chose one that can accommodate external battery backup or has enhanced battery life.


When it comes to the storage of your gun, you have to first consider its use, if it is for protection then the safe storage should be within reach but if the guns are used for recreation then the basement would be the best place.

Can Gun safes be stored in the garage? Absolutely not, remember the garage is accessible by every member of your household including kids and visitors. The latter will be curious to check them out and may attract burglars.

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