Gun safe vs Gun cabinet

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Gun safe vs Gun cabinet

The difference between a gun safe and a gun cabinet are very apparent only that some people refer to the gun safe also as a gun cabinet.

People have different needs and use for the gun, some keep guns for protection especially the wealthy, and others keep guns for hunting, the two types of gun users will, therefore, have distinct needs when it comes to gun storage.

Guns acquired for the purpose of protection are normally stored in a safe because they are rarely used but the hunter’s gun stays in a cabinet because of the frequency of use.

Hunters tend to have a large assortment of guns and each of them has a specific purpose and that is why they love to display them in the glass gun cabinet.

Gun Safe vs Gun Cabinet

The excerpt below will, therefore, expound on the differences between a gun safe and a gun cabinet.

  • Construction material

Most gun safes are constructed using heavy-duty steel, they are meant to be a safe haven for your gun thus the need for indestructible material.

You must have noticed from documentaries and movies that gun safes are used to store other valuables apart from guns; the reason why they come with complicated lock systems that could be quite costly if you lost the key or forgot the password.

Gun cabinets, on the other hand, don’t need a secure lock system because of the frequency of usage, and most of them are made of glass and wooden frames.

The glass feature is for cosmetic purposes, the cabinets have, however, been found to hold more than three different types of guns. Some of these are the Ruger 10/22 Riffle, the Remington Model 870 12 Gauge and the Remington model 700in. 30-06 Springfield.

  • Security

Nobody keeps a gun in the cabinet and expect it to be safe, though some cabinets are not really exposed. Either way once a burglar decides to get the gun from your glass cabinet, it will not be a headache when compared to a gun safe.

A Gun safe, on the other hand, is not easy to break into and might even require months of planning and learning how to break codes used in the safe. Unlike the gun storage cabinets some guns safe use biometrics, so getting access becomes even tougher.

A cabinet can be accessed by any member of the family or visitor. Children are also not an exception and the little curious ones might want to have a go with one, try out daddy skills, thus not recommended for family homes.

Gun safe that are used to store the protective handguns are normally placed in isolated areas where there isn’t much traffic and kids will rarely know that there is a gun in the house.

  • Storage space

The capacity of a gun cabinet surpasses that of a gun safe in most cases unless it is the big gun safe that needs to be anchored on the floor. A gun cabinet can accommodate up to five guns and still have extra space for future additions.

A gun safe on the other hand normally has space for one or two handguns and some small space for other valuables.

  • Accessories

When compared to the gun cabinet, accessories used in the gun safe are way too many. A gun cabinet only requires a holder and the type of holder that you choose to go with depends on your assortment of guns.

A gun safe will thus need lighting so that you can access it without alerting everyone when switching on the lights. At times it will need battery change or have an external backup battery that will help operate the lock.

A gun safe also needs a humidifier; this is because the temperatures inside the safe will lead to an increase in moisture levels, which will have a negative impact on your gun.

The humidifier will thus help in regulating temperatures inside the safe, there is also the magazine or handgun holder that will help keep your safe organized and facilitate easy access and retrieval of the machines.

  • Fireproof

How safe is your gun cabinet in case of a fire outbreak? Not very safe I guess, and that’s what contributes to the difference between the two types of storage systems.

Gun safe are manufactured with features that offer comprehensive protection, in case of a fire breakout or a storm your gun safe will remain intact. Not much can be said for the gun cabinet though as it can easily lit up with a small spark of fire.

The outer part of the gun safe features a retardant material that repels fire, gun cabinet owners can improvise protective measures to protect their guns, for example, they could add a fireboard.

  • Price

Gun cabinets are expensive given their cosmetic nature but not more than the gun safe. The latter comes with a pricey tag, but the margin isn’t that big when compared to the gun cabinet, however, it also depends on the quality and size of the safe.

Gun safes and cabinets come in a variety of colors, sizes, and prices, but before you get one, evaluate the safety aspects of your family, when you are not at home. And whether you want them displayed or hidden.

Remember for every choice there is a consequence.


Individuals who own guns and keep them in their homes should ensure that their partners can handle the guns when required to. And for the kids, it is best to kill the curiosity by explaining to them what its purpose is, and why they need to keep of it.

When it comes to storage, it is best to store any type of gun in a safe even the hunter’s gun. Using a gun cabinet puts your family in danger, in case burglar’s break-in.

People might also decide that they want to learn how to use a shotgun and accidentally shoot a family member or visitor in your home.

By exposing your gun cabinet in the living room with the assortment of guns you become a target by criminals. Also, too much traffic in areas that the gun is kept is a recipe for disaster that you can simply avoid.

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