Best Gun Safe Accessories

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Best Gun Safe Accessories

Guns are not safe to be kept in exposure; emotions might run high and lead people to want to use them. What’s more, they are kept for a purpose, which means they should be provided for the best environment to ensure functionality and durability.

We will, therefore, sample some of the best gun safe accessories that you can purchase to use to organize your assortment of guns.

Some gun safe accessories will provide order and enable easy retrieval whenever you need to use it. Besides the market is saturated with many products, some that you must have and others that are optional but also depend on usage.

The first best gun safe accessory on our list is the Gun safe Dehumidifiers

There is no point in investing in a safe when you cannot control the temperatures inside it to prolong the life of your gun. High humidity will destroy your gun, thus the need to monitor moisture levels.

Different areas have different climates, others are dry with less humidity and others are dry with high humidity. However, both areas will need a humidifier because guns are normally kept in an enclosed safe.

Electric dehumidifiers work best in areas that experience high relative humidity, but if you live in an area where the moisture levels aren’t too high then, you could get a rechargeable dehumidifier that will moderately heat air in the safe.

On the other hand, if you are too busy to remember to charge your dehumidifiers, then you can adopt the powered dehumidifier rods. The latter will save you from the hustle of maintenance.

When used in areas with high humidity the wired dehumidifiers will control moisture levels in your safe with little or no maintenance thus the best gun safe accessory.


We don’t dispute that the room where the gun safe is kept has lighting that you can use when your safe is opened, but there are circumstances where the light might not be available.

Some gun safe or cabinet interior come with lighting that are not normally effective and that is why we are presenting you with alternative options.

For example, there is the Browning Safes LED light kit that comes complete with a motion sensor. The kit will turn on once you open the door of your safe or cabinet and go off after either 30 or 60 seconds, but with regard to settings.

And to effectively maximize on the benefits of the browning kit your cabinet or safe has to include an internal power outlet to be able to use AC Power; the browning kit comes with its own AC adapter.

Individuals whose safe doesn’t come incorporated with cord holes to help in power transmission should not fret, because there are the wireless gun safe lights that normally use batteries as their source of power.

So how do you mount the wireless light to your safe or cabinet? The options are many first you can use magnet and/or screws. Magnets are not a very safe option especially if the light has batteries inside it, as they tend to slide off.

The cordless gun safe lights also have a few advantages, for one they feature an automatic on and off sensor complete with a timer. They will give you multiple mounting options and will offer you up to 6hours of uptime.

The Safe Coordinator

The safe coordinator is hanged inside your cabinet or vault using a hanger, its purpose is to free up space in your safe, thus give you space to add more items.

Coordinators come with many pockets, to help keep as many valuables as you can. These types of storage are normally used in gun vaults for the storage of long firearms.

Pistols can be well accommodated in the coordinators, but check on the recommended weight. Also be careful when putting your long guns in the coordinator, as they may block other machines, or distract you in case of an emergency.

Pistol Hanger

Image result for Pistol hanger amazon

No products found. can best work in a cabinet or vault, and usually come four in a pack. You will thus place them under the shelf and it will securely suspend your handgun.

The hangers are very convenient because first they enable easy retrieval of the pistol and are made of a safe plastic-coated metal that will not corrode your gun.

The Magazine Holder

Image result for Keeper mg magnetic ammunition holder amazonThe magazine holder serves two purposes; for one it will store your AR-15 magazine facilitating easy access and retrieval and second, it can securely organize your pistol for easy access.

But before purchasing the magazine holder ensure that you have covered the logistics of mounting with regard to the model that you want to pick because some might require either screws or a magnet mount.

Some magazine holders are made specifically to be installed inside the vault and others can be installed outside the vault, for example, the Keeper Mg Magnetic Ammunition Holder.

The latter comes with three magnets for mounting on metal surfaces in the gun safe. The holder has also incorporated mounting screws and the flush screw holes, to enable mounting on surfaces other than metal.

The MBF7236E-P All Steel

Image result for The MBF7236E-P All Steel amazon

Apart from being stolen your guns could be gutted down by fire, the MBF7236E-P All Steel safe has been constructed with burglar and fireproof material. Besides you can use it to store other valuables apart from guns.

The safe features a spacious storage room, and upon purchase, you will be provided with an anchor kit to help fasten it on the floor, besides it comes with four pre-drilled anchor holes.

The safe has also incorporated an electronic lock and under the lock, there is a hard plate that prevents it from being drilled through. The door of the gun safe features a fire-resistant material for overall fire protection.

And if you are worried about the outside body of the safe, you can relax because it also features a fire retardant material, and a steel plate to protect your valuables. The safe comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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