Important Items You Can Place in a Fireproof Safe

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Important Items You Can Place in a Fireproof SafeWe all know that the valuables we own have to be placed in a very secure, safe place. The fireproof safe is a great way to protect your valuables in one concealed, durable containment spot.

A fireproof safe from a reputable company will provide a secure area for your crucial items such as important documents and records, electronic media files, jewelry, firearms,and irreplaceable items like picture and souvenirs. But how do fireproof safes work?

A fireproof safe will do its job to keep your valuables organized, and in one clutter-free space. In this article, we are going to discuss the valuables that you should keep in the safe or a bank.

Now the first items you need to keep in your fireproof box are documents that you need to access ASAP. Banks often close during holidays and other important events, so it is better if you keep your crucial documents on hand, tucked in a safe and secure spot like a fireproof safe.

Items like this include your Social Security and voter’s registration cards, power of attorney documents, birth certificates, passports, marriage license, military documents, essential account information, and copies of each and every insurance policy you own.

You can also put copies of your debit cards, credit cards, and driver’s license in the safe, as well as copies of all essential documents from previous tax returns, loan documents, investments, agreements, and settlements.

Other items of value that you can keep inside the safe include computer file backups, spare keys for cars you own, and your latest medical information, including a record of all the meds/prescriptions you are taking, plus all contact information for your physicians.

It is recommended that you keep the original transcript of your will in your fireproof safe. You should give the safe’s combination to the will’s executor. In the event of your death, your bank may be lawfully obligated to seal the box and prevent other people from ever unlocking it until the court employs an executor for it.

How do fire proof safes work on paper documents? Valuables that burn easily like paper items should be contained in a fireproof box because they are manufactured with a very specific construction that helps safeguard the content from getting damaged for a period of time. Thus, this is a means to keep irreplaceable items like photographs and small stacks of money.

Fireproof safes have a rating for heat resistance, and it is referred to as the UL grade or rating in the business. Home use fireproof safes generally include UL ratings and this is an important factor that consumers have to check out before buying a product.

A UL grade of 125 is ideal for electronic media files, while a grade of 150 is recommended for magnetic tape, microfilm, and photographic film.

A quality safe must be water-resistant as well; however, it is best that you have two layers of protection for your valuables in case of a flood or other similar circumstance.

To further safeguard your essential items, you have to put your valuables in a watertight bag or plastic container prior to keeping them inside the safe.

  • As soon as you have determined all of your valuables, you can now create additional copies of your home inventory listing, your power of attorney and any item that you deem is important, then provide it to an individual you can rely on and trust for protection. It is best to own extra copies than lack a considerable amount of it. If you are willing to invest on a quality safe, make sure that you get the correct model designed to protect the valuables inside.

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